Mr. Hicks worked his way through law school as a police officer in Arlington County and as a night watchman on a construction site. He passed the Bar exam before graduation and was licensed to practice law four days after receiving his J.D. He then resigned from his position as a police officer to begin his legal career as an Arlington County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney. While serving in this capacity, he tried many misdemeanor and felony cases, and a large number of these were before juries.

Mr. Hicks later went into private practice as an associate of Paul Terrence O’Grady who, in addition to his private practice, served as the City Attorney for Falls Church. As the Assistant City Attorney, Mr. Hicks served as the City Prosecutor. Although Mr. Hicks left Mr. O’Grady’s practice after about three years to join a friend’s private practice, he continued to act as the part-time City Prosecutor for another fifteen years, trying hundreds of cases.

Mr. Hicks is currently a solo practitioner. An award-winning criminal defense attorney with extensive experience on both sides of the courtroom, he handles over a hundred criminal defense cases a year. He looks forward to many more years of defending the rights of individuals accused of crimes here in Fairfax County and other Northern Virginia jurisdictions.

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