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Meeting Virginia’s Ignition Interlock requirements after a DUI

On Behalf of | May 10, 2024 | DUI |

When you face a DUI conviction in Virginia, one of the requirements might include installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This device prevents a vehicle from starting if it detects alcohol on the driver’s breath.

There are a number of things you need to know about getting an ignition interlock device installed in Virginia.

Legal requirements

Virginia law mandates the installation of an ignition interlock device for all offenders in the DUI first-offender program unless the court issues an order stating otherwise. If the court convicts you of a DUI, the judge will typically order the installation of the device during your restricted driving period. This requirement aims to reduce the risk of repeated offenses by ensuring the sobriety of the driver at the wheel.

Choosing an ignition interlock provider

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles approves certain providers for the installation of ignition interlock devices. You must choose from these approved providers to ensure compliance with state regulations. These providers specialize in the installation and maintenance of these devices and are responsible for reporting your compliance to the court.

Installation process

The installation process begins with contacting an approved provider who will set an appointment. At the appointment, the provider will install the device in your vehicle, including connecting it to your vehicle’s ignition system. The installer will also train you on how to use the device properly. You must understand that any attempt to tamper with or circumvent the device can lead to further legal consequences.

Cost of installation and maintenance

The cost of installing an ignition interlock device varies depending on the provider. Typically, you can expect to pay for installation and a monthly rental fee for the device. These fees cover the device’s maintenance and the regular data reporting to the authorities. You are responsible for all costs associated with the ignition interlock program, which may also include a removal fee once you complete your restricted driving period.

Reporting and monitoring

The ignition interlock device records all breath test results and reports them to the monitoring authority. If the device registers a failed test or any tampering, it will report these violations, which could lead to an extension of the interlock period or other penalties.

Installing an ignition interlock device in Virginia is a significant step toward regaining driving privileges after a DUI conviction. It serves as both a preventive measure and a way to demonstrate responsibility.