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Defending Your Child Against Juvenile Crime Charges

If your child is facing juvenile charges in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you are, of course, taking the situation very seriously. Unlike some other states, a juvenile criminal conviction doesn’t necessarily disappear once a child becomes an adult or becomes sealed from the public. In fact, some juvenile felony convictions remain on an individual’s criminal record in perpetuity. Misdemeanor and traffic convictions are handled differently.

Minors Face Significant Penalties If Convicted

Furthermore, a juvenile can face significant penalties if convicted of a crime. Virginia judges may require minors to participate in a juvenile probation program or even go to a residential treatment facility. Alternately, they may sentence them to a Virginia juvenile detention center. When a felony conviction or multiple misdemeanor convictions are involved, however, a judge can commit the minor to Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. Keep in mind also that juveniles who are confronting serious felony charges could be tried as adults and receive long sentences if convicted.

Consequences Of A Juvenile Crimes Conviction

The best way to stop a conviction from ruining your child’s life is to prevent it from happening in the first place. When you hire B.R. Hicks, PC to handle your child’s case, you’ll be working with a juvenile defense attorney who will fight aggressively for your child’s rights and future every step of the way.

A juvenile criminal conviction can adversely affect minors. For example, college applications often require that applicants disclose any past criminal charges, even if no conviction occurred. Juveniles who are over the age of 14 and commit felonies are not allowed to possess firearms; possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is itself a felony. In addition, juvenile criminal charges and convictions can result in a minor’s license being suspended, and minors who do not yet have driver’s licenses may be prohibited by law from obtaining one. Don’t let a youthful indiscretion or mistake ruin your child’s future educational and employment opportunities.

Mr. Hicks is a former state prosecutor and police officer who knows how the law can treat juveniles unfairly and needlessly compromise future opportunities. Call his Fairfax County office to speak with Mr. Hicks, a highly respected juvenile crimes lawyer, about your child’s underage drinking, vandalism or drug charges case, and what legal options you may have.

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