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When facing sex crimes charges, there is a lot at stake, including your reputation, your freedom and your future. You are certain to have a lot of questions at a time like this.

At B.R. Hicks, PC, you will find the answers you need. For more than 40 years, attorney B.R. Hicks has been providing strong criminal defense against sex crime charges and other criminal charges in Fairfax County and throughout Virginia. Do not trust your defense to anyone else. Peruse the frequently asked questions and answers below and contact us to discuss your defense.

  • What is the sex offender registry?

The sex offender registry is a publicly available list of people who have been convicted of certain sex crimes. The purpose of the registry is to give citizens awareness of where sex offenders are in order to protect themselves and their children.

  • Will I have to be on the sex offender registry?

In Virginia, there are many sex crimes that would require you to be on the sex offender registry. Some of these sex crimes include rape, sexual assault, distributing child pornography and other sex crimes against children. The best thing to do is talk to an experienced attorney about the specific charges you are facing.

  • Will I have to be on the registry for life?

This depends on the nature of the crime you were convicted of. Some sex crimes require lifelong registry, whereas others provide the opportunity to appeal for removal from the registry after a certain number of years.

  • Are there any defenses against sex crime charges?

There are several affirmative defenses, including consent, false allegations and misidentification. There are almost always gray areas and nuances involved with sex crime allegations. It takes the skill of an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to find them and use them to your advantage in your defense.

  • Can I represent myself in my defense?

Yes, you can, but it is not a smart choice. The stakes are too high and the legal system to complex to try handling this on your own. An experienced, knowledgeable attorney will see issues before they arise and be able to navigate the procedural challenges that could be the difference between getting the case thrown out and being convicted of the charges.

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