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Why should you know about consent?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Sex Offenses |

Facing unfounded charges of sexual violence can have detrimental effects on the remainder of your life. Even if the courts reverse their decision, the damage to your reputation could remain permanently.

Sexual consent means both parties agree to all activities. Proving that you had another person’s consent to act could provide invaluable support to your case.

Fortify your case

If you have any proof of your actions that counters the version of events against you, the chances of a positive outcome might improve. According to, sexual consent includes the following:

  • Honest, open communication
  • Vocal agreement
  • Sober awareness of both parties
  • Activity stops if either person requests to withdraw

Consent is something you should get each time you engage in sexual activity. Even if you are with the same partner consecutive times, asking for consent may better protect you from egregious claims.

Protect your future

Despite your reputation as an upstanding person, one incident of sexual violence can mar your image. You may lose the trust of people you care about. You might lose your job. You could face numerous years behind bars. You might feel shame about how people view you, even if you know the truth about what happened.

Understanding and using consent may enable you to advocate for your rights in unfair situations. In collaboration with a strong legal defense, you can fight the charges against you. In situations where the courts announce a conviction, you may still have the opportunity to appeal their decision. Regardless of the actions of others, you have the right to continue to tell your story and to do what it takes to reclaim your name and image.