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Be careful what you say if a police officer stops you for DUI

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Criminal Law, DUI |

If a law enforcement officer pulls you over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, how will you respond?

Some drivers are too flustered to say anything at all. But others believe the situation calls for conversation. Be careful. Here are certain things you should not say to a police officer.

Anything rude

Under the First Amendment to the Constitution, you have a right to free speech. However, you should guard your tongue. If you are rude or insulting to a police officer, the officer could claim you were inciting a fight or suspect you of attempting to cover up a crime. In either case, you could find yourself under arrest.

Anything unnecessary

Do not think it a good idea to engage in conversation. Remember that anything you say to a police officer can be used against you in a court of law.

Anything that could be a confession

You may be innocent of the charge against you. However, for some unexplained reason, innocent people often confess to crimes they did not commit. Whether you did or did not do whatever an officer accuses you of doing, say nothing that might sound like a confession.

Anything you think is funny

You might think that telling a joke is a good way to lighten the moment if a police officer pulls you over. Resist the urge. Trying to be funny will only make your situation worse.

Anything after your arrest

Once you are under arrest you should stop talking except to say that you want to speak to a lawyer. Remember that once the officer reads you your Miranda rights, you have no obligation to provide further information until you consult with an attorney.