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How do you safely avoid a DUI checkpoint?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | DUI |

DUI checkpoints are a relatively common occurrence throughout the nation. However, it still makes many people uncomfortable for a number of reasons.

If you do not want to go through a DUI checkpoint, do you have to? The good news is, you do not.

Defining DUI checkpoints

LifeSafer discusses ways of avoiding a DUI checkpoint. First, what is a DUI checkpoint? These checkpoints usually exist at busy roads, on freeways, in densely trafficked areas or in places with high rates of DUI drivers.

With a DUI checkpoint, officers will set up a certain span of road to monitor. They can then pull over anyone who goes through this stretch of road without needing their usual reasons to do so. They can administer blood alcohol content (BAC) tests, as well.

You, like many other people, may not like the potential level of power that this gives police. Instead of going through the stop and risking the chance of getting pulled over at random, you may want to avoid it.

Abiding by the rules to leave

To do so, just ensure that you abide by the rules of the road and do not break any laws. Otherwise, the officers can still pull you over and give you BAC tests.

This means you cannot drive over solid lines, do illegal U-turns, cut other drivers off, speed, drive aggressively or anything else that breaks the law. Make sure that you are not breaking the law in other ways either, such as having expired plate stickers or a broken tail light. Officers can also pull you over for those reasons.