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Admissable evidence when countering a sexual offense charge

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Sex Offenses |

Sex crimes in Virginia cover a lot of ground, and it helps to know your rights and obligations under the law. Understanding what constitutes a crime and how to fight an unfair charge puts you in a better position to avoid trouble.

A strong legal defense could prove your innocence or result in a reduced sentence.

Inadmissable evidence

According to information from Virginia’s Legislative Information System, should a criminal sexual assault case go to court, not all information is admissible. For example, the character of the complaining witness as regards to prior sexual conduct does not constitute an allowed argument, unless the judge deems it relevant.

In preliminary hearings, the parties for each side might argue whether this area has relevance to the case. However, until the court rules the evidence is acceptable, this area of inquiry will remain off-limits.

Admissable evidence

If you become a defendant in a sex crime case, the courts can consider your record as it pertains to a charge or conviction of a sex crime. The courts do have an obligation to provide you with the intent to bring up your record and must provide the following information in advance:

  • The date of the conviction
  • The jurisdiction of the court case
  • The name of each offense

These charges do not only pertain to Virginia convictions but also include all jurisdictions under U.S. law. All instances of crimes of a sexual nature could fall under the category of admissible evidence.

The laws covering sexual crimes have many complexities. You deserve a solid legal defense to protect your rights and your reputation.